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TCNJ Emergency Alerts

Weather Notification

Due to the forecast of heavy snow for the region, the College has canceled all classes and closed all administrative offices as 3:30 p.m. on Monday, January 26. However, any students, faculty, and staff who, because of their particular circumstances, need to leave earlier should do so. As conditions may vary throughout the state, commuters should use their best judgment today in deciding whether or not to travel to campus. 

For Tuesday, January 27, all classes have been canceled. Administrative offices will be closed.

Posted on January 26th, 2015 at 10:23 am

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Departmental Goals

  1. To develop a set of critical thinking and problem solving skills relevant to quantitative, theoretical, and comparative criminology.
  2. To promote, stimulate, and reward active leadership that results in positive systemic-social change.
  3. To develop extraordinary oral and written communicators.
  4. To foster a spirit of life-long learning.

Specific Curricular Objectives:

The department seeks to achieve their mission through its curriculum that emphasizes the development of critical thinking and problem solving skills with respect to each of the following:

  • The structure and organizational behaviors of the justice system
  • The theories underpinning normative socialization and both formal and informal social control
  • The roles policing, courts, corrections, and law play in contributing to social order
  • The ways in which rhetoric, politics, and contemporary values affect policy formation and analysis
  • Macro and micro level criminological theories regarding the etiology of crime, criminality, and delinquency
  • The measurement, detection, and prevention of crime, criminality, and delinquency
  • The research, planning, and evaluation methods used to expand knowledge in the field
  • The international variations of formal and informal social control mechanisms
  • The development and refinement of communication skills both orally and in writing with particular emphasis on persuasive argumentation supported by logic and scholarly research
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